Oak point elementary

Education is top of the mind for every parent, and at Wildridge we are proud to be part of the Little Elm School District. What’s more is that Oak Point Elementary is conveniently located within walking distance of Wildridge! Oak Point Elementary, Home of the Lobos, serves our youngest children, age Pre-K through 5th grade, and is renowned for its exemplary curriculum & outstanding teachers who care deeply about their young students. Their highly ranked standards for performance, as evidenced by their recent 4-star distinction designation from the Texas Education Agency, ensure that your children receive the best education served in an environment that takes academics seriously. And, with special programs such as Dual Language, Talented & Gifted, ESL, LiiNK, and ACE (among many others), Oak Point Elementary is able to meet each student’s scholastic needs.


To learn more about Oak Point Elementary, visit their site here, or call the school at (972) 947-9455.


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