Preserving the Natural Beauty

Wildridge is all about natural beauty and pristine surroundings. What makes us stand out from other communities is our attention to the details of the landscape. We fell in love with Lake Lewisville, its beauty, its surrounding, and its natural landscape. That's why we've taken the extra steps to preserve the breathtaking views and brilliant vistas in our community. You'll see it throughout out community, where we have thoughtfully preserved the natural landscape, the rock formations that line the entrance, the walkways, and our play areas. Rather than destroying what we found as we uncovered the area, we found purpose for the rock, we rerouted trails to preserve the trees, and found ways to open up the community to natural pockets of open spaces and park areas. Purposeful landscaping, innovative water conservation, and state-of-the-art development techniques are used to enhance the natural environment throughout the property. Every part of Wildridge has been meticulously planned to incorporate the natural landscape and the lake as your backyard, for your enjoyment. We protect, preserve, and artfully use the natural surrounding to provide a pristine environment with lake access and rolling hills to highlight the most peaceful and serene side of the lake. It's what we do to create a beautiful and majestic backdrop. Well, that and a little help from Mother Nature. It's our duty to upkeep the natural look and preserve the quality of life for you and our community.  We take environmental conservation seriously. It's a responsibility we plan to uphold throughout the lifetime of Wildridge. It's our way of keeping it real for you and your family. Come and experience it for yourself.

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